Automate your daily tasks with AnyMerge add-ons

merge spreadsheet data into Gmail messages or Google Documents

AnyMerge is a suite of add-ons for Google Spreadsheets. The AnyMerge Mail add-on lets you send up to 1 500 personalized emails daily. The AnyMerge Docs add-on allows you generate personalized Google Documents. You can use both add-ons together to streamline your daily tasks. The QR Code Generator add-on enables you to generate QR codes directly from Google Spreadsheets.

anymerge mail

Send up to 1 500 personalized emails a day. No daily quota. Add multiple attachments.

anymerge docs

Generate documents from a template. Replace the headache of repetitive, error-prone work with an automated process.


Generate QR codes directly from Google Spreadsheets.


β›” Is there a daily quota imposed by the AnyMerge Mail add-on?

No. The AnyMerge Mail add-on does not limit how many emails you can send. However, the Google sending limits apply.

πŸ“€What is the sending limit for AnyMerge Mail?

With a Google Workspace business account, you can send up to 2 000 emails a day. With a regular Gmail account, it is 400 emails a day.

πŸ“ŽπŸ“ŽπŸ“Ž Can you attach multiple files?

Yes. You can configure the AnyMerge Mail add-on to add multiple files from your Google Drive. Furthermore, use the AnyMerge Docs add-on to create personalized documents and send them as attachments with the AnyMerge Mail add-on.

πŸ“­ Does AnyMerge Mail provide email tracking?

No. This feature is not part of the add-on and is not going to be anytime soon.

πŸ“‘Does AnyMerge Mail share user information with third parties?

No. Your privacy matters. The AnyMerge Mail add-on does not collect any information and does not send data to third parties. Please read the privacy policy.

πŸ’³ How are payments handled?

All payments go through PayPal.

πŸ’° Do you offer refunds?

Yes, but only for yearly subscriptions. You can request a refund within 30 days.