AnyMerge Mail

No quota. Send up to 2 000 emails a day from a business or school account. Each message contains a tiny link at the bottom pointing to

Anymerge docs

Create twenty documents in a row. Wait an hour to reset your quota. The add-on adds a link in the header and in the footer pointing to


Create twenty QR codes in a row. Wait an hour to reset your quota.

Monthly Pass / Single User / 4.99$ / Month

Request a monthly pass directly in an add-on. You will receive an activation key immediately after making a payment.

Year Pass / All Users / 199$ / Year

Get the best deal with a year pass. No matter how many users you have in your Google Workspace domain, you always pay a flat price:

  • AnyMerge Mail - 199 USD / Year / All Users

  • AnyMerge Docs - 199 USD / Year / All Users

  • QR Code Generator - 199 USD / Year / All users

  • Combo Deal - AnyMerge Mail & AnyMerge Docs & QR Code Generator - 299 USD / Year / All Users

A year pass can be activated only for Google Workspace domains. Once activated, all users in a domain can use an add-on. No need to activate each add-on separately with an activation key.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with the AnyMerge add-ons, request a refund within 30 days of your purchase directly from PayPal. Refund is possible only for a year pass. Your access to purchased add-ons will be revoked within 24 hours after refund.